Director of Demand Generation @ Cohere Health

Rehan Sajid

Rehan began his career in marketing inadvertently when launching a software company called iSmile Dental Software in England, UK.

Having a technical background, he had to learn marketing strategies when trying to acquire customers whilst bootstrapping the company. Having had success with SEO, and a unique paid strategy, he quickly got a passion for marketing and worked in a number of roles before moving to the US in 2016.

Having a passion for SaaS, he joined a startup where he oversaw a 20x increase in sales pipeline and now heads up demand for one of the most innovative technology companies in the health tech space in the US.

Growth Tip: People are always going to conform to the actions of others. No matter what your marketing budget is, ensure to infuse social proof in your marketing strategy.

When your prospective clients are going over a case study on your website, what they are really doing is analyzing what they are missing out on. At times, giving your product away for free in exchange for building social proof points can be a great strategy.

Recommended Reading:  The Power of Habit –  Charles Duhigg

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